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Prospect Art’s 4th-WALL programming is thrilled to partner up with Null Video Art Space, a member of @4thwallvideoart network of international organisations that promote video works, to present the second iteration of “Performing Time”, an exhibition of international video works that will open to the public at @u2205_ (NULL U+2205 Video Art Space) from September 29, 2023 – vernissage at 17h00 – to October 6, 2023. NULL (U+2205) is in Amadora, a City in the district of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area.

“PERFORMING TIME - In Vivo/Ex Situ/In Situ” is a video-art group show resulting from 4th-WALL’s last open call, and was first presented at Flora Chang DTLA (Los Angeles.) 

Interested individuals can contact the organisation @u2205_ in order to obtain directions to the undisclosed location of the exhibition and for scheduling information beyond the September 29 vernissage date.

See you there.


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We have curated – selecting from 599 applications- a video art show program that we believe is representative of the current conceptual thinking and aesthetics of underrepresented artists worldwide. Performing Time: In Vivo/Ex Situ/In Situ presents a selection of fourteen video works that explore life and histories through time and space. The selection, presented in three parts - in vivo (in the body), ex situ (out of place), and in situ (in place) - navigates memories archived within the body and through sites past, present, and future. An additional screening of works memorializes the human experience as influenced by time and place, whether in a post-apocalyptic Andes, a forgotten Turkish grave-site, or a red-lined Chicago neighborhood. Combined, they seek to uncover the layered relationship between humanity and sites of remembrance and act as a survey of lived experience.

Download the catalogue below.








On December 3, 2022,  presented by, audiences will be able to join the curators, Elizabeth Withstandley,

Gioj De Marco, Pedro Inock, and Rohksane Hovaida, at Flora Chang in downtown Los Angeles, where guests will be able to experience all the works in an intimate an unique setting.


Prospect Art would like to thank Yev Kozachuk @ Edward Jones for sponsoring the Los Angeles live event.

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